New scenario game announced: Russian Civil War 1919!

JOIN HERE (*click*) Thanks to Sketlux, a new scenario game is being prepared on After "German Unification" and "Voyage to America", in a bit over two months, when all preparations are done, players will have the opportunity to engage in and reenact the Russian Civil War of 1919.   In the words of the Scenario Maker: This scenario will be based on the Europe scenario (classic giant map) but only encompass the territory of the Russian Empire in the borders of 1917. The playable nations will be all states that declared independence during or immediately after WWI (e.g. Estonia, Finland). Other nations that can be played are forces that played a role during the Russian Civil war (e.g. White Armies, Soviet Union, Green Armies) or the Expeditionary Forces (e.g. USA, France). All players start with cities or at least units like in the case of the Expeditionary Forces. This game will be based on LTX but with many more scenario game units. It will also

Now available: Full-featured Freeciv client playable in browser - a true web Freeciv!

On January 21st, another project by the Freeciv21 Team came to life! If you have been restricted from playing Freeciv because of installation issues, or simply didn't want to bother with installation, or weren't able to because of any kind of restrictions on your computer, you can now play through a client that is directly derived from QT (usually downloadable from using only your web browser, the experience is identical (or should be and will be). Technically speaking, this is a WASM Freeciv client ready for use, open to all and ready to receive gamers. Non-technically speaking, this is a browser Freeciv client running on standard (native) Freeciv(21) server, just like the downloadable version. The most revolutionary thing here is the architecture that completely follows the native client-server relationship with things being calculated where they are supposed to be calculated. For the end user this means experience with as little lag and client mi