Suomipeli2023: Revolution

Every nation needs to advance in order to survive and the poor and old East Germany is no exception. Today East Germany has 103 bulbs towards monarchy and since someone else has already invented this tech, the cost of monarchy has dropped from 132 bulbs to 123 bulbs. That makes our nation 20 bulbs short. It would be possible to research those 20 bulbs in one turn but that would postpone monarchy by one turn.


There is something that can be done to speed up things. There is no research while in anarchy but this doesn't mean using the scientists wouldn't be possible. This means assigning city workers to do tasks other than collecting food, shields and trade. If a worker is no longer assigned to working on a tile it's possible to use a scientist, entertainer or a tax collector instead. In this case we need to assign the worker as a scientist.
Since the poor&old East Germany is missing 20 bulbs and this amount needs to be done during anarchy there needs to be 10 bulbs produced for each turn of anarchy. On this game anarchy always lasts 2 turns so it's easy to do the math. I'll need to pick 5 cities where I can assign one worker for science for 2 turns. This amounts to 5x2 bulbs and in two turns that's 20 bulbs. With some luck someone else might also get monarchy after the 1st turn of anarchy and that would make the cost even lower allowing me to switch few scientists back to the original duties.