LT61 starting tomorrow

After a slight delay, LT61 is starting tomorrow. It is the most classic LT game lately: continent(s), teamless (meaning no pre-assigned teams), 3-member alliance victory or spaceship or score victory. 15 players confirmed so far.

Signups (don't forget to confirm): https://longturn.net/game/LT61/

Additional info and official channel: https://forum.longturn.net/viewforum.php?id=60


New resources - software and some music to go with it

Well, old resources, but new links for our resource section on the left.

First, we have Freeciv Msys2, a set of instructions and scripts that a person can use to setup a Freeciv development and compilation environment on MS Windows using the MSYS2 emulation envrionment. Most folks that compile freeciv or roll their own clients and servers do so on Linux or other Unix variants. However there is a great number of players on Windows who may find this helpful.

Secondly, SongOfDoom is a music soundtrack for Freeciv vesions 2.6+. It was orginally created by mir3x and announced on the Freeciv forums in December 2016.

Jwrober picked up the soundtrack, added it to github and is maintaining it as of December 2019.

Both resources have comprehensive ReadMes that may help even not-too-experienced folk.


Longturn League about to start

After months, maybe years, of intense sitting-and-thinking-about-it and several weeks of preparation, the first game within the Longturn League is starting on Saturday. The game designation will be A1 for class and the number of the game. The target of 16 players has been achieved with most of them, though, being relatively new to Longturn, but it is a feature of the first game, with everyone being relatively new to the concept. It is understood that the consecutive games will separate players by skill, either by success in previous LL games or, if it is their first, the number of general LT games they have played.

B1 game has also been open for signups with an unspecified starting date.

The official game information can be found on the Longturn League page.


New! Freeciv for absolute beginners

 As this site is growing, we are adding more and more content. Even though there are probably a lot of intro tutorials for (Free)civ around the net, why not have one more. So, a new page: (Free)civ for absolute beginners - a short intro. Permanent placement: top-left menu. Spread the word and tell your friends!


LT61 announced to start in two weeks

The third LT game of 2021 has just been announced to start in "late February or early March". LT61 will be a classic Longturn game with a Longturn Traditional ruleset (LTT), continent(s) and mixed victory conditions.

By the words of the admin: 

Most of the single player rulesets have a relatively low start with less things to do in the early game. However, LTT is tuned for multiplayer. There are not only more start units and faster initial growth but the tech tree was cost-adjusted for better multiplayer experience. You can still get gunpowder by T50 (roughly) but the late techs will take more time. With the usual setups the exponential growth makes it possible to get airplanes and missiles by T90 (roughly) by focusing on economy before the industrial revolution.

Now with LTT the economical explosion, is much harder before the industrial revolution. What this basically means is that players can choose between way more strategies than before. It's not like there wouldn't have been a choice in the past but now there are even more options, but until now the games were designed to last 120-150 turns. Now this span is roughly 80-150 turns. Ending the games early is more easy if the rest of the players are simply farming and not attending all the aspects of their empire.

Yet the game remains quite familiar to those who know the old games.

Freeciv Web Game 41: The Yugoslav Micaenean reenactment

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