LT patches

(WYSiWYG, pronounced "wizzy-wig", yes, we just made it up but we did it first so just play along)

 Turn Change calculation sequence:

1. All surpluses are calculated and stored in ''saved_surplus''
2. Trade assigned to gold and science according to national tax rates.
3. City Happiness calculated
4. Production points accumulate in each city based on ''saved_surplus ''
5. Completed production materialises.
- if a settler was made: population reduced and new tiles are chosen
6. Surplus food calculated using ''saved_surplus''
7. City grain store accumulates surplus food (or loss of food).
- if rapture is taking place, population changes.
- if city did not rapture, population changes from grain store.
- - if population changed, new tiles are chosen.

Also, additional Demographics data:

'n' - Population: "real" population, workers, sum of city sizes
'i' - Improvements: total number of normal improvements in all cities
'a' - Agriculture: total food surplus (after consumption and upkeep)
'g' - Gold Income: total gold income (before upkeep costs)
'w' - Wonders: total number of wonders, Great and small.

Burn the Evidence

When conquering a city, the attacker does not gain defender's technology.

Peace In Our Time

On first contact, nations are not at War, but at Ceasefire (makes it easier to make alliances without having to send diplomats everywhere).
set default_diplstate_is_peace = enabled

More server patches
(numbers are just an example)

set diplchance_steal=50
set globalwarming_percent=300
set nuclear_winter_percent = 100
set contact_intel = disabled    # no info about the other nations if contatturns = 1
set nuke_infra = 20        # chance of destroying the infrastructure on tiles when nuked
set nuke_infra_save_lowest = enabled   # if enabled nuking does not destroy basic roads under rails
set demography = ncARPEmOCqrb
set nuke_improvements = 20        # 20% chance for destroying city improvements. never destroyed if the sabotage chance is less than 100%

# for testing purposes now, check for the actual game
set unitwaittime_range = -1
set unitwaittime_allied = enabled
set unitwaittime_extended = enabled
set playerwaittime = 0

game.ruleset patches

incite_gold_loss_chance = 20
incite_gold_capt_chance = 20
timeoutmask = 30
nuke_pop_loss_pct = 30    ; percentage of population loss after nuke, instead of hard-coded 50%
nuke_defender_survival_chance_pct = 20     ; percentage chance of a unit inside the city to survive a nuke, does not affect units in open

 Full demographic report

N, "Population"
n, "Number of citizens"
c, "Cities"
i, "Improvements"
w, "Wonders"
A, "Land Area"
S, "Settled Area"
L, "Literacy"
a, "Agriculture"
P, "Production"
E, "Economics"
g, "Gold Income"
R, "Research Speed"
M, "Military Service"
m, "Military Units
O, "Pollution"
C, "Culture"


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