Keyboard and mouse shortcuts


Unit Orders

  a: (a)uto-settler  (settler/worker units)
  b: (b)uild city  (settler units)
  b: help (b)uild wonder  (caravan units)
  B: go to and (B)uild city on target tile  (settler units)
  d: (d)iplomat/spy actions  (diplomat/spy units)
  D: (D)isband unit
  e: build airbas(e)  (airbase units)
  f: (f)ortify unit  (military units)
  f: build (f)ortress  (settler/worker units)
  g: (g)o to tile  (then left-click mouse to select target tile)
  g: add a (g)o-to waypoint  (when in go-to mode)
  G: return unit to nearest city
  h: set unit's (h)omecity  (to city on current tile)
  i: build (i)rrigation or convert terrain  (settler/worker units)
  I: connect current and target tile with (I)rrigation
  I: set an (I)rrigation waypoint  (when connecting with irrigation)
  l: (l)oad unit on transporter
  L: connect current and target tile with rai(L)
  L: set a rai(L) waypoint  (when connecting with rail)
  m: build (m)ine or convert terrain  (settler/worker units)
  n: clean (n)uclear fallout
  N: explode (N)uclear
  o: transf(o)rm terrain  (engineer unit)
  p: clean (p)ollution  (settler/worker units)
  p: drop (p)aratrooper  (paratroop units)
  P: (P)illage  (destroy terrain alteration)
  q: patrol with unit  (then left-click mouse to select other endpoint)
  q: add a patrol waypoint  (when in patrol mode)
  r: build (r)oad/railroad  (settler/worker units)
  r: establish trade (r)oute  (caravan units)
  R: connect current and target tile with (R)oad
  R: set a (R)oad waypoint  (when connecting with road)
  s: (s)entry unit
  S: un(S)entry all units on tile
  t: unit go (t)o/airlift to city
  T: unload all units from (T)ransporter
  u: (u)nload unit from transporter
  U: (U)pgrade unit
  x: unit auto e(x)plore

Unit Selection

  z: select only first unit of selected group
  v: select all units on tile
  V: (on tile) select all units of the same type as the active unit
  C: (on continent) select all units of the same type as the active unit
  X: (everywhere) select all units of the same type as the active unit

  w: (w)ait: focus on next unit
  5: focus on previous unit
space: done giving orders  (unit stays put)

Unit Movement

  1: move south-west
  2: move south
  3: move south-east
  4: move west
  6: move east
  7: move north-west
  8: move north
  9: move north-east

Main Map (Keys)

  c: (c)enter view on active unit
    Shift-home: center view on capital
  Shift-arrows: scroll map

  Ctrl-B: show/hide national borders
  Ctrl-D: show/hide city trade routes
  Ctrl-G: show/hide map grid lines
  Ctrl-N: show/hide city names
  Ctrl-P: show/hide city production
  Ctrl-R: show/hide city growth
  Ctrl-W: show/hide city output
  Ctrl-Y: show/hide city outlines

Main Map (Mouse)

  Left-click on city:          Pop up city dialog
  Left-click on unit:          Activate unit
  Left-click-and-drag on unit: Go-to command for unit
                               (if keyboardless goto enabled in options)
  Center-click:                Show tile info
  Right-click:                 Center tile in view

  Shift-Left-click:            Copy production (GTK)
  Shift-Right-click on city:   Paste production into city (GTK)

  Shift-Control-Left-click:    Adjust city workers
  Control-Center-click:        Wake up sentried units
  Shift-Alt-Right-click:       Show city workers (mouse over or near city)

  Area Selection mode (GTK):
  Right-click-and-drag: Enter Area Selection mode
  Left-click:           Toggle tile highlighting
  Shift-Right-click:    Paste production into highlighted cities
  Right-click:          Cancel Area Selection mode

  The cities that become highlighted on the map,
  will also be highlighted in the City Report.

Dialogs and Reports

     F1: show Map View
     F2: open Unit Report
     F3: open Nations Report
     F4: open City Report
     F5: open Economy Report
     F6: open Research Report
     F7: open World Wonders
     F8: open Top Five Cities
     F9: open Messages dialog
    F11: open Demographics
    F12: open Spaceship

        Ctrl-F: open Find City dialog
        Ctrl-L: open Worklists dialog
        Ctrl-T: open Tax/Lux/Sci Rates dialog
  Shift-Ctrl-R: open Revolution dialog

Shift-Return: Turn done


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