New resources - software and some music to go with it

Well, old resources, but new links for our resource section on the left.

First, we have Freeciv Msys2, a set of instructions and scripts that a person can use to setup a Freeciv development and compilation environment on MS Windows using the MSYS2 emulation envrionment. Most folks that compile freeciv or roll their own clients and servers do so on Linux or other Unix variants. However there is a great number of players on Windows who may find this helpful.

Secondly, SongOfDoom is a music soundtrack for Freeciv vesions 2.6+. It was orginally created by mir3x and announced on the Freeciv forums in December 2016.

Jwrober picked up the soundtrack, added it to github and is maintaining it as of December 2019.

Both resources have comprehensive ReadMes that may help even not-too-experienced folk.

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