The state of the (dis)union
(or: Hello, worlds!)

So, let us begin. As the old introduction says: you are here because you are interested in turn-based possibly massive multiplayer civ games. (Or you mistyped something in Google and are now wondering what the hell is this.) You will find most of the answers by clicking the top left link, and the rest can be found on the community sections.

For those of you without a doubt, let's make a short review of the current state of... everything here. There are several games running and right now we have the most diverse collection than ever in Longturn history: out of three currently running games, LT56 is Sim ruleset, a completely new kind of Civ, still being tested, sort of, LT57 is a classic ruleset team game with two teams squabbling about who is playing unfair, and LT58 is a "mixed" game, allowing both pre-defined teams and solo play. Furthermore, the next announced game about to start, LT59, is a reboot of old "warserver" games adjusted for Longturn and only the last game on this list, LT60, will be completely classic.

In the development department, some ruleset reorganisationis happening, Longturn Traditional ruleset is slowly being defined, hopefully we may finally wrap up a list of difference between LT and "classic" ruleset(s), there is a lot of work to be done, but there are quite enough enthusiasts and the only variable here is available time.

This page/blog is basically a preview for the real site that may come into life at some point, but some technicalities need to be resolved first and will offer all relevant data new players may need. Feel free to contribute or suggest changes, ask for information you feel is not there and should be and, most of all, join the community and have fun. Discord is definitely the liveliest instance of the community while the forum is the "most official". Some other thingsa re also in preparation, but this is a love project and we never know what will be behind the next corner. Besides, a project like this is also a mirror of its community so come in and... erm... reflect yourself... or something.

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