News from the Wiki

 Some documentation is finally being put together for the main Longturn ruleset. Also, a section called "Basic strategy" was created in the Simulation ruleset manual.

First things first, Wieder's list created long ago has been moved to Freeciv Wiki for easier access and can be found on what is for now the official Longturn ruleset page. It contains the main differences between the tradition Longturn ruleset and the classic (Free)Civ rulesets that common players have been playing before coming to LT. With the main changes being that Settlers cost 2 population units and no rapture, there are many other features that a new perspective Longturn player may want to check. The document itself is not cast in stone because the ruleset varies from game to game, but it is definitely a good start and a comprehensive list of what has changed.

As for the Simulation ruleset, with such drastic conceptual changes it seemed that a basic strategy guide may come in handy so it is now an integral part of the main manual. We hope that it will be useful.