LT62 has started at port 5062

LT62 has just started. Because of an unknown technical problem, the port for this game is 5052, not the usual 5062. The problem has been solved. The port is now 5062.

LT62 is a teamless game with some new features.

- quick and fair start allowing the first city to grow in 3 turns with perfect locartion
- unit based fair tech trading making popularity contests more difficult
- new early wonders but also new stuff for all the eras
- mid game rankings!
- realistic early ships needing resources: no more wooden ships travelling 1000 years
- nukes will actually destroy rails and other infra + 3 levels for the SDI defense
- real restrictinfra so that your enemies can't use your roads without securing them first
- realistic early wonders meaning that they are cheap but will not last until late game
- no golden path rapture growth
- real air battles meaning that the attacking enemy planes can actually be intercepted
- more expensive late game techs so that even the superpowers can't get all of them in few turns
- new ways to grow, research or fight during the medieval ages
- and of course our great community

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