New Longturn Simulation game starting next week

LT63Sim is scheduled to start on Thursday, April 29th. (As always, slight delays are possible.)

The game will be using the Sim ruleset, whose goal is running a more realistic simulation of human history than is the case with other Civ rulesets.

There is an immense number of new features and the whole ruleset manual, together with the "philosophy" and "Basic strategy", can be found here.

Main features: 

* "Quickstart": Tribal government is designed to create a quicker beginning than any other ruleset currently in play

* A continuous spectrum of strategies: the bigger your empire, the greater the power, but also more problems with maintaining infrastructure and technological progress

* Spontaneous migration, allowing less control over your city populations, but allowing city diversification into large centres and smaller suburbs, towns and villages, making infrastructural and demographic management more important

* Tech upkeep: the more cities you have, the more science needs to be spent on maintaining the present tech level of your nationp> * Forewer War made more difficult: it's easy to raise an army, but maintaining it for a longer time creates a strain on your budget

* A whole class of bombarding artillery units: can attack with limited power without receiving damage, and damage is dealt on all units in the stack

* Much more developed nuclear branch, making the Race for Nukes less one-sided: reduced First Strike capablilities and introduced features and units that allow retaliation and nuclear deterrent

A new combination of features, probably never seen in Freeciv:

* Killstack OFF, which means you have to kill enemy units one by one. HOWEVER: 

* Fully utilized new Freeciv 2.6 property making it possible to put a soft limit on the stack size: the bigger the stack than its "max size", the bigger defence penalty for its units; if you create a "superstack" with 15 or more units, their initial defence value will drop to zero! (The "maximum size" of the stack will vary from 3 to 8, depending on terrain, technology, whether units are in a city or in the field and so on.)

Game page: https://longturn.net/game/LT63Sim/

HOW TO JOIN (Important: when you join the game, you also need to confirm participation!)

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