LongTurn Scenario game 3: A Voyage to America!

In reality, if Vikings came to America, they didn't stay long enough to make history. If you join this game, you may change this.

“Leif Erikson Discovers America” by Hans Dahl

The scenario will be played on the map of North and South America map - with some additions - handcrafted by Sketlux (a. k. a. XYZ). Each player starts with specials tribal ships called knarrs to transport settlers, workers and warriors to the New World. The starting point for all players is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean but with the choice to sail wherever you want to found your new settlement. However, keep in mind that your tribal knarr has a limited lifespan of 10 rounds before it gets eaten by shipworms... 

Unfortunately, due to game mechanics, your other initial units will slowly lose all their HP and disappear but you can disband them in a city and get back some of the shields to rebuild new units.

The game will be played with the ruleset based on LongTurn Experimental, but with 20-30 new units. Start is due around November 19th.

For more updates and technical information, check the #scenario-3 channel on Longturn Discord server!

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