The last Alpha is out!

The Longturn community is pleased to announce the v3.0-alpha.9 release of Freeciv21. Release notes, source code and the Windows package can be found at our GitHub repo --> https://github.com/longturn/freeciv21/releases/tag/v3.0-alpha.9

This is a big milestone for the Freeciv21 project as this is the last of the Alpha releases! The code is stable, the game is quite playable and for the most part "just works". Next up will be the first Beta (Beta.1). 

We don't have a time frame as of yet, but you can have a look at what we have planned my looking at the tagged issues --> https://github.com/longturn/freeciv21/milestone/2. For the most part we are concentrating on "annoying" issues with the client that make playing harder than it should be. Enjoy 😊

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